The Teaching Studios of Art

An origin story

The Teaching Studios of Art was founded in 2009 by the artist Rob Zeller. We are an art school devoted to teaching traditional techniques to artists of all ages and skill levels on the North Shore of Long Island. These techniques have been proven, over centuries, to be the most effective at helping people become better artists and make beautiful work.

How we are different

Our faculty are trained professionals who have achieved a level of excellence in their own practice that qualifies them to teach others. Our classes are small, our facilities are excellent, and students receive much personal attention. Our clients are our community, and we take their needs seriously. This client-centered approach has garnered us much attention, as a look over our Press section will confirm.


Click here to see a slideshow of our students in action.

What we teach

We offer Portfolio Preparation and Development (ages 13 and up) • Portraiture • Figure Drawing and Painting • Oil painting •Watercolor • Pastel • Foundation Classes and Art Lessons for Children (Ages 6-8 and 9-12 years old). We offer a full range of classes for adults, as well.

Our Foundations Program forms the bedrock, the very basis of what we teach at the Teaching Studios. Any art student seriously considering learning to draw and paint in a realistic fashion should consider joining our program. It is open to all artists, regardless of age, or level of experience, and is very effective. To learn more about it,click here.