Figure and Portrait Drawing and Painting Classes – Long Island

Figure And Portrait Drawing and Painting Classes

Robert Zeller, Instructor

Foundations 1 or Portfolio Class required as a prerequisite.


Robert Zeller teaches a very practical system of figure drawing and painting that emphasizes form, structure and anatomy. His classes are designed for artists of any level of skill or experience. This program is perfect for a Portfolio Development student looking to add figures to his/her portfolio.


The program features regular anatomy lectures to help to achieve an understanding of the movement and structure of the muscles of the figure. Short poses are followed by longer poses, enabling students to get quick studies and then longer, more finished drawings. See images of student work from this class at the bottom of this page.




Instructor Robert Zeller has written a book on figure drawing, painting and composition that was released in March 2017, and is available for sale on Amazon here. He teaches the same lessons in class that he does in the book, but in a more thorough manner.


Click on the images below to see student work from this program. 

Our Figure And Portrait Program Class Times

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