Foundations of Creating Space

Day : Thursday

Time : 2:30-5:30

Instructor : Edmond Rochat

In Foundations of Creating Space, is a course designed to teach you how to create real space in your paintings. It provides a survey of important concepts for depicting space. An artist always utilizes a collection of visual concerts in the creation of a drawing or painting and this class is designed to expound on some of the most foundational concepts of representational art. Topics such as linear perspective, color theory and light will be the primary topics of discussion.

The class is separated into an overview of linear perspective, and then the practical application of perspective of either  an outdoor landscape (outside, just adjacent the school) or of the school’s studio interior. Students will create detailed drawings, value and color studies, and then finally, paintings of both a landscape and an interior. This class will spend 4 days on each linear perspective to give students a solid foundation before they make their choice to do an exterior or interior painting.
Each day begins with a short demonstration presenting a sequential approach to each exercise. After which students implement the exercise on their own and the lesson is further supplemented with individual critiques.

Section 1
Linear Perspective- 3 weeks
-one point
-two point


Section 2

Students will then choose from the following  2 options:

Painting Outdoors • Using the grounds immediately around the school, and in nearby Roosevelt Park, students will use linear perspective to create an outdoor landscape. This option will be out of doors as long as weather permits.


Interior Painting • Using the studio as a setting, students will set up a various points in the studio and try to capture the room, in perspective.

Students will create:
-careful line drawing
-value study
-color study
-finished painting

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To view samples of instructor's work that uses these concepts, click on the thumbnails.

  • Interior
  • Robert Pillsbury -President of the Salmagundi - oil on linen 46 x 36 (2016)
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    5 out of 5


    Edmond is truly a great instructor. I’ve learned so much in his class. He often begins class with a brief demo, then we get lots of time to paint and he gives each student much time and attention. His classes are fun and challenging. His energy is warm and positive. He’s engaging and interesting, well read, an amazing artist and I always look forward to Edmond’s class!

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