Quick Sketch Portrait Painting

Day : Tuesday

Time : 2:30-5:30

Instructor : Robert Zeller

Class Starts : Jan 9th

6 Weeks

Quick Sketch Portrait Painting will focus on capturing a quick likeness of the model in oils. There are many different approaches to this type of painting, with one common denominator: no preliminary drawing. Instead, the artist begins directly with paint. So, a basic grasp of foundational drawing is a prerequisite. The images to the left  (all by the instructor, Rob Zeller)  show various approaches to quick sketch painting. Some methods begin by blocking in the biggest shapes first, often called “massing in”, and adding color and details later. Others begin immediately with color, form and details beginning from the center and progressing outwards.

We will explore several approaches in this class, in addition to various types of color palettes. Edges are of primary importance in quick sketch painting, as are the brushes you use to paint with. Instruction will be given on very specific techniques to capture the proportions, tilts, angles and graphic shapes of the head.

Poses will last for two weeks at a time. In any of the techniques being studied, students can expect to work from the general to the specific, with two weeks to complete a piece. The first week will usually cover the largest planes and masses of the head, and the second week the details. A six week session allows for 3 models a semester.

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    Great Class. Comprehensive, great teacher…

    5 out of 5


    I can sincerely state that with Edmond you are getting a great teacher who will definitely teach you what you need to learn about everything involved in painting in any genre. His patience is the greatest and he will attune himself to your needs.

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