Alla Prima Still Life Painting

Alla Prima Still Life Painting


Mondays 1:30-4:30pm
Devin Cecil Wishing, Instructor
Starts: Nov 4
Ends: Dec 16
7 Weeks

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Small alla prima paintings can be a great way to learn about color, composition, value structure and paint handling.  In Alla Prima Still Life Painting, students will set up and execute a new still life painting each week.  By moving through a series of small quick paintings, students can quickly explore different concepts related to painting the still life.  Because our time will be limited, students will be encouraged to keep their set ups simple so that they are able to finish within the four hour session.

A strong emphasis will be placed on color mixing, color relationships and understanding light as well as making solid decisions on the palette before applying paint to the painting.  In addition to time spent painting, this class will include demonstrations by the instructor as well as lectures on light and color.

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