Figure Drawing and Painting - PM

Figure Drawing and Painting - PM


Wednesdays 6:30 -9:30pm
Rob Zeller, Instructor
Class Starts: July 10
8 Weeks

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A class designed for artists of all levels of experience

In Foundations of Figure Drawing and Painting students first study how the figure is made of up of simple geometric shapes and planes. Then, working from a live model, Instructor Rob Zeller teaches a system of drawing and painting that  includes rhythm, proportion, structure, anatomy, form and color in a manner that is easy to grasp for artists at any level.

Each week will feature short poses to work on a given concept, and one longer pose that will last for the entire session. Students can expect to get one finished drawing per session, and many short sketches and anatomical notes.


“The Figurative Artists Handbook,” by the instructor, Rob Zeller, is required for this class. Available for purchase from the school here or from Amazon here.

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5 essential concepts will be taught:

1. Gesture and rhythm of the pose
2. Basic proportions and geometry of the figure
3. Blocking-in using anatomy and a specific understanding of light and shadow
4. Modeling form
5. Finishing and refining touches

Artist will draw, then paint monochromatically, then paint in full color.

To view student work, click on the images.