Old Master Copy

Old Master Copy


Tuesdays 2:30-5:30pm
Rob Zeller, Instructor
Starts: Sept 17
Ends:Ends: Oct 29
7 Weeks

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Pictured above: Student work done in this class. The images below were also completed by students in this class. 

Old Master Copy continues the time-honored tradition of learning from the Old Masters by copying their great works. Students will choose and Old Master painting or drawing to copy. The instructor will discuss the proper use of brushes, mediums, solvents and varnishes. Historical palettes, color schemes and compositions will be discussed. Lessons will be also be given in stretching canvases, preparing panels, making mediums, and developing a working method that is both archival and safe. Once a month, Art History will also be discussed, covering a different time period each lecture.

Students will bring in a high quality reproduction of a work of art they would like to copy. The instructor will help them formulate with a strategy to do so in a working method consistent with the Old Master being copied. Students may also copy drawings. Good quality reproductions are essential for this exercise. Students who register will be emailed in advance to ensure that a proper, high res reproduction is brought in on the first day.

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