Summer Art Camp for Kids, Week 1

Summer Art Camp for Kids, Week 1


July 8-12

For Ages 6-8, 9-12

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In Summer Art Camp for Kids – Week 1 , your child can experience an immersion into the world of traditional drawing and painting. Young artists who join our Summer Camp learn time honored academic methods of drawing, painting and design. They also learn about various disciplines such as illustration, landscape, sculpture and more. Most importantly, we make it fun, while staying true to classical methods.

Children come out of the each workshop week with a better understanding of key concepts of drawing and painting such how light works, value, color and much more. All materials are included.

A wide variety of subjects will be covered, including:
•Still Life
•Color Theory

Students will be exposed to a wide variety of media, including:
charcoal, pen and ink, clay, watercolor and acrylic paint

To see a  SAMPLE SCHEDULE for the week, click here.


Scenes from last year's Summer Art Camp. Click on them to see larger versions.