Study Art With Your Child- Fridays

Study Art With Your Child- Fridays


A class meant for both parents and children,  providing a chance for them to study together.  This option is only available for parents of children enrolled in our program.

Saturdays 11:30-1:30
Starts: Nov 8
Ends: Dec 20
6 Weeks
No class November 29

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For two groups of children, ages 6-8 and 9-12, along with their parents

Study Art with Your Kid on Long Island  is class meant for both parents and children,  providing a chance for them to study together.  The class begins with a step-by-step program where kids start with basic drawing  concepts first. Children will learn to make a simple line drawings after  classic illustrations. Next, they will color them with watercolor,  learning how to mix color and make a color wheel.  Parents will follow along, step by step.

For the family who is serious about learning traditional methods of drawing and painting, this program is unique on the North Shore  of Long Island. Our Studio in Oyster Bay is fully equipped with easels, great lighting and a high level of instruction.  Families flourish in our art classes. 

After the basics, children and parents alike will then move onto still-life painting, landscape painting  and master-copy using classical methods of drawing and painting. We will  also have the students study sculpture, working from their drawing and  paintings. Each lesson is tailored for individual student needs. They  will also be exposed to and encouraged to learn from work of great  artists from the past in a range of mediums and covering many themes. We  let children be children, but still teach them good technique. This is  an excellent foundation that prepares young artists for AP Portfolio  classes in high school and our own portfolio prep program here at  Teaching Studios of Art.

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