Jessica Henry attended Atelier LeSueur Studio School of Classical Art in Wayzata, MN. There, she studied under Steve Levin, Jean Grapp, and Annette LeSueur. Atelier LeSueur’s academic lineage goes back to Richard Lack, R.H. Ives Gammel, Robert Beverly Hale, the Boston School Painters, and the French ateliers.

She was the owner and operator of The Joseph Art School in the blue Mountains of Joseph Oregon, until she decided to step back and focus on family life and raising 4 children.

Henry practices what she calls “Classical Impressionism”, or a loose, painterly approach with a foundation of solid drawing. Although she teaches this method in classes and workshops, she still attends workshops herself to continue improving as an artist. To read more about her thoughts on art and experiences, as well as an artist, a student and an instructor, check out her blog, by clicking here.