The artists who teach for us communicate well and connect with our clientele. Seen here, the artist Maria Kreyn discussing her painting methods with students in her workshop for us, “ The Romantic Portrait”.

The artists who teach for us communicate well and connect with our clientele. Seen here, the artist Maria Kreyn discussing her painting methods with students in her workshop for us, “ The Romantic Portrait”.




This is THE school to come to if you want to learn to draw and paint. The artists are classically trained and are GIFTED. I tried for years elsewhere and no one taught me from the inception how and why it all works. Here you will get your money's worth.

Renate Reid, Student

I can not say enough positive things about Robert Zeller and the Teaching Studios of Art in Oyster Bay, NY. When we needed to find an art studio where our High School Senior could receive instruction and guidance, we thought we were going to have to travel to Manhattan. We were so pleasantly surprised to find a premier learning environment right here on Long Island. The Teaching Studios of Art is a haven for students interested in the arts. The instruction is incredible. It’s like learning from the masters. Not only did our son's skill increase under their tutelage but so did his complete appreciation for the fine arts. In addition to strong instruction Rob and the other instructors/artists at the studio are a invaluable resource for portfolio development and review when the time comes for submitting your work for continued higher education in the fine arts. Whether you want to pursue art as your lifelong journey or dip you toe in as a hobbyist or just to learn an appreciation for what the arts bring to us everyday, you must visit  the Teaching Studios of Oyster Bay.

Alec Hochstein, Parent

This school is a wonderful place for children to learn and grow their craft and their imagination.

John Zatwarnicki, Parent

I’ve taken workshops and classes at the Teaching Studios of Art. I am a working artist but felt that I never learned essential fundamentals in art school. I liked the relaxed, but serious vibe immediately. Found it to be extremely informative and the right amount of challenging. Anatomy was skimmed over in college, but Rob taught me in a way that I actually remember it when I need to. The faculty are professional and take the time to work with the students individually, which is rare. My skills have definitely improved and I recommend it highly to anyone that truly wants to learn.

Lorraine Volz, student

 Abigail Tulis is a great instructor. She really helps you get to the next level. Such a refreshing class. She’s a treasure!

Tracy Dellomo, Student

“I can’t thank you enough for offering this very educational and rewarding class! I have always dabbled in all kinds of media, but never really had any basic training in drawing. “Foundations of Academic Drawing and Painting” would be valuable no matter what level you are at. Rob Zeller is an excellent teacher and his studio is filled with warm, friendly, competent students and faculty.”

Heather Davenport, Student

 The Teaching Studios of Art is THE place to study if you are interested in learning the classical approach to drawing and painting in a welcoming environment. Rob Zeller is not only a gifted artist but also a master teacher. He is excellent at assessing students strengths and weaknesses- the perfect combination to encourage and guide artists to their full potential. Small classes sizes enable Rob to devote personal attention to each student as he moves them to the next skill level.
Personally, I have been taking classes here for number of years and am now in the “Figurative Core Program”. This traditional in-depth art program builds on drawing skills to move onto painting. Not only are we fine honing our abilities, Rob is also mentoring our personal projects and guiding us into being able to work independently..

 Mary Ann Bentley, Student

 I’ve taken the “Alla Prima Still Life” class with Devin Cecil Wishing. He’s an amazing artist and instructor. I’m looking forward to taking a variety of classes there in the future. This place is a gem!

Mary Elizabeth, Student

Daniel Maidman”s workshop was excellent . He clearly explained his technique, provided frequent individualized feedback to each student, and demonstrated. Also, the model was wonderful, the class was friendly, and the location is beautiful.

Carolyn Lancaster, Student

Devin Cecil-Wishing is an accomplished, traditionally trained artist with a special gift for teaching. He has a straightforward jargon free method of teaching that is accessible to students of all levels of training and skill. His classes are both highly instructive and genuinely enjoyable.

Marjorie VandeStouwe, Student

I have studied with Rob Zeller for several years and find his “Figure Drawing and Painting” course an excellent place to continuously develop ones skills. His approach fuses elements from different schools, and are purposeful and clear. He gives helpful, thoughtful attention to your development and sees ways to improve your work by paying attention to your work and noticing patterns you may fall into. I’ve definitely gained a solid foundation by studying with him and give his classes my highest recommendation.

Jonathan Kaplan, Student

Abigail Tulis is a wonderful teacher with a wide scope of knowledge. In her classes, she will introduce the student not just to different media but, to different concepts, new as well as traditional. The class includes small sculpting/modelling and I, to my surprise, have found delight in this medium.

Lucille Halfon Dan, Student

I have learned a tremendous amount in just a few short months- all due to Devin’s guiding hand. I struggle but it is a good struggle. I am thrilled to be in Devin’s class. He is kind, generous, and really really smart. And boy is he patient too…

Maritza J. Kurtz, Student


Without reservation, I would recommend taking “The Figurative Core Program” From Rob Zeller. He has a wonderful, positive and encouraging teaching style. I have learned so much about the foundational basics of drawing and painting from his life drawing classes.

 Romanita Vega, Student

John Morra is one of my favorite teachers. You will definitely produce a keeper in his workshop at Teaching Studios.

Beatrice Barkin, Student

From our kids to to our adults, all of our clients get 100% of our faculty’s attention.

From our kids to to our adults, all of our clients get 100% of our faculty’s attention.

Grace really enjoys her art lessons here. Her artwork is beautiful and always improving. I especially love the relaxing atmosphere and beautiful classical music playing in the background while the children paint.

Laurann Webb, Parent

They have taught my daughter well. Their teachers are very patient, accommodating and easy to work with. They are some of the best teachers I have seen.

Desiree Sunday Gaeckler, Parent

“Foundations of Academic Drawing and Painting” is an excellent class for all levels – Rob Zeller focuses on each student’s capabilities and helps each extend their skills based on their own level. The school is full of great students and teachers alike – give it a try! The workshops, talks and open figure drawing sessions are a great addition as well. I am no longer intimidated by the process and am already putting this knowledge to use!

Annette M Rostad, Student

I have had the pleasure of taking many classes with Rob Zeller at the Teaching Studios of Art. I can personally attest that Rob is an excellent teacher and artist. The lessons are well developed, fun, and extremely informative. My personal growth as an artist has been greatly enhanced through the classes I have taken with Rob. His encyclopedic knowledge of human anatomy is impressive and his ability to express the human form in both drawing and painting is inspiring. If you want to further yourself as an artist I highly recommend taking his class.

Tom Camilleri, Student

Rob’s Figure Drawing class teaches you the techniques that you will use throughout your drawing career.

Adriana Valenzuela, Student

Devin Cecil-Wishing is not only a very talented and skillful artist; he is also an exceptional teacher. He gives each student personal attention and addresses their individual needs, whether you are a seasoned artist or a beginner. He imparts his knowledge on composition, color theory, creating form and more. His classes are exciting and dynamic and challenge you to make quick decisions. I have learned more from Devin than any other teacher. The Teaching Studios is very lucky to have a teacher of his caliber. His expertise will amaze you!

Patricia Bever, Student

“Figure Drawing and Painting” with Rob Zeller is an excellent class. Anatomy lessons, techniques, history, knowledge. Everything you want to know is here in one place.

Virginia Bilodeau, Student

As a relative newcomer to the visual arts, I’ve been impressed with Rob’s ability to capture what’s important in the process and impart that knowledge in an accessible manner. I never would have made the progress I have without his persistent, good-natured advice and help. Definitely recommend this school to artists of all skill levels.

Michael Picerno, Student

I have taken a class with Devin before, and can’t wait to sign up again. He is a consummate still life artist.

Toni Ross, Student

I’ve taken many classes with Mr. Zeller and have found him to be the model of professionalism and patience, tailoring his always perspicuous instruction with an insightful understanding of the individual needs of the students. I recommend his classes without reservation.

Michael Conlon, Student

The summer workshop was superb! Mario A. Robinson is an excellent and patient teacher. He generously shares his outstanding thoughts and techniques. It has been a privilege to work with Mario.

Beth Vendryes Williams, Student

The “Classical Figure: Form and Light” workshop was extremely insightful. Adam Miller was generous in sharing his broad knowledge and vast experience in figure painting. His methods and techniques are well thought out and clear to understand. He has explored the most useful tools based throughout history and are a solid, relevant manner in being able to accomplish a good result in painting the figure. Also, found that his painting demos were phenomenal , in being able to instruct us each step of the way. Is definitely a treat to witness his hands at work! Thanks to Teaching Studios of Art for bringing us this workshop.
Jay Lor, Student

I had the privilege to have Rob Zeller as my teacher for many years. His extensive knowledge and talent comes throughout all of his classes. I highly recommend him, if you are serious about painting. His teachings gave me a strong foundation and greatly improved my work.

Sandy Mattei, Student