The Figurative Core, Studio Option

The Figurative Core, Studio Option


Full-Time Instruction at the Teaching Studios

Normally sold monthly, Sept 2019 is a special 2 week intro.

The next step in figurative art education. A complete program, designed to make you a better artist.

The Teaching Studios of Art® introduces the Figurative Core™, a monthly program designed to not only be the most effective at training artists in the traditional techniques of drawing and painting, but also in developing each artist’s original and creative vision.

It is taught by Rob Zeller, author of The Figurative Artist’s Handbook and the Director of the Teaching Studios of Art, with assistance from other faculty of the Teaching Studios.

The program provides a firm foundation in Still Life, Portrait and Figure Drawing and Painting. Uniquely, we encourage creativity on the part of each artist by assigning creative projects in the curriculum from the very beginning. We can help make you the best artist you can possibly be.

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