Uninstructed, Open Session Figure Drawing

Next event: Thursday Aug 22

In each 3-hr session, we draw from a live model, beginning with quick poses to warm up, and then gradually extend the pose length to a final 1 hour + pose to finish the evening.

First timers welcome. All levels of experience and skill are invited. This is an uninstructed event is for anyone who enjoys or is curious about drawing from a nude figure model. Do your own thing. The environment is laid back, yet professional, and we want everyone to enjoy themselves. No photography allowed. Bring your own beverages. Great tunes will be played, great models will be hired, and we'll make some fantastic artwork.

$20 per person. Cash only. No checks or credit cards accepted.

Spots are given away on a first come, first served basis.

These sessions are moderated by Rob Zeller, Director of the Teaching Studios of Art.

We are just a block from the Oyster Bay LIRR station. There is plenty of available parking on the street outside.

Note: When you get to the building, we are on the ground floor. Use the white door to the right of the front windows. Do not go up the stairs to the left. Those are apartments.

-Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to get a seat before the model begins.

We collect admission fees before the session begins. The poses begin promptly at 7:00. If you arrive late, please quietly find a place, and pay your admission during the next 5 minute break. Switch cell phones to silent until the break.

-Please respect the model and the other artists present and refrain from talking while the model is posing. If you need a pose adjustment during the long pose, tell the monitor in a way that does not disrupt the quietness of the room.

-Please bring your own supplies. We do not provide materials.

-No photography of the model.

-Please clean up after yourself.

- Drawing Only. No wet media

Great! We really value our models and hold them in the highest regard. Prospective model info will be kept on file, but do not post your info to the Meetup site. Send a image and resume to info@teachingstudios.com