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Workshops are a great way to supplement regular weekly classes, or study with us as yor schedule permits. They can help kickstart a new persective on making great art. In our 10 years of business, we have invited some of the best artists working in the business to teach workshops for us. Whatever your level of ability or experience, our workshop program can help make you a better artist. Check out the current workshop offerings below.

  • You can register online.
  • Late registrations are welcome.
  • If you start late, call to have your tuition prorated.
  • Please review our policies regarding make-ups, refunds, and enrollment here prior to registering.
  • Click on each course name to find a course description and materials list.
  • Due to rising credit card fees, students paying by credit card, either online or in person, will also be responsible for a non-refundable administrative fee of $5 per course.
Before registering, please click here to view a short list of policies.

Current Workshops


There are no workshops scheduled this month.


Past Workshops

Alla Prima Floral Painting

Sunday, August 25th

Time : 10-1pm, 2-5pm

Instructor : Stephanie Deshpande

In this Alla Prima Floral Painting workshop, students learn how to capture the beauty of a floral arrangement in oil paint, in one sitting. Students will block in the composition directly on the canvas, measure main landmarks, and mass in large value areas. Deshpande will discuss the importance of comparing values, measuring, finding edges, and looking for color relationships. She will demonstrate the simple steps necessary to create a successful alla prima floral painting.

Pastel Portrait Painting Workshop

Sunday Aug 18
Lee Becker Instructor

In this one-day workshop we will take advantage of pastel’s potential to be a fast medium to create a portrait in one sitting. We will start with a brief lecture on the proportions of the head and a demonstration of how to block them in quickly and accurately. Next, we will block in the large areas of color and value using wide strokes and a damp brush to cover the surface quickly and create a foundation for subsequent layers of pastel. As the drawings progress, students will be shown how to double-check proportions in order to capture a likeness, reducing the time spent in trial-and-error.

Painting Animals

2 Sundays, July 14 and 21
Adina Yoon, Instructor

A Workshop in Two Parts, taught over Two Days

During this workshop students will learn how to paint animals in a traditional 2 -step, underpainting/overpainting manner. On Day 1, students will learn different methods and benefits of working in an underpainting layer first before beginning the color pass.  On Day 2, students will learn how to paint animal portraits in color, with special emphasis on rendering fur textures, and mixing paints accurately.

Alla Prima Portrait Using the Zorn Palette

Friday, June 14th
Time: 10:30am - 4:30pm
Instructor: Devin Cecil Wishing

“How do you mix flesh colors?”  This is one of the most common questions  students ask.  Often times artists can be overwhelmed by the full array of colors available to choose from when painting from the model.  In this workshop we will explore a simple system for achieving realistic flesh tones using just four colors.

  The “Zorn Palette”, named after Swedish painter Anders Zorn, is one of the most popular palettes for painting skin tones in the academic painting world today.  Using just four tubes of paint, we can achieve a wide range of colors and values to fully describe the forms of the face and the figure.

Plein Air Landscape Painting Workshop

Sunday, April 7th
Time: 10:30am - 4:30pm
Instructor: Bennett Vadnais

For artists working in oils or acrylics:

In Plein Air Landscape Painting Workshop, Bennett Vadnais will discuss how to tackle the unique challenges of painting outdoors. Students will learn a simple and effective approach to capture a landscape effect in a short period of time. Basic elements of landscape painting will be covered such as: how to use your materials in the easiest and most efficient manner, how to select a subject, and how to develop a study from start to finish.

Figure Drawing on Toned Paper

Sunday, February 10, 2019
Time: 10:00am - 1:00pm, 2:00pm - 5:00pm
Instructor: Daniel Maidman

In the Figure Drawing on Toned Paper Workshop, students will explore the luminous depiction of flesh on toned paper with Daniel Maidman. Using Maidman’s standard drawing toolkit of white and graphite pencils and tan printmaking paper, students will practice techniques and receive personalized critiques as well as discussion, demonstration about the fundamentals of life drawing.